Tuesday 21 October 2003

i-Open-House.com became part of Mondarlezo Pte Ltd

Mondarlezo Cyber Media Pte Ltd (Mondarlezo) is a Singapore company that was registered in year 2003. It is a 100% family owned company. The company and the management are independent from any real estate agency and we do not have any dealing in real estate brokerage business.

Mondarlezo was setup as an IT company to undertake the crystalisation of the i-Open-House concept and system which was conceptualised in year 2001. Basically, we are in the business of providing Internet virtual tour service in Singapore. We started to implement the i-Open-House concept in the Real Estate industry and has been supporting the Real Estate Agent and Agency industry ever since. Over the years, we have created more services to cater for our client's need.

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